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HVAC Chesapeake VA Business Lands Huge Government Contract

What to Expect When Replacing an HVAC System

If you wish to consider an HVAC replacement, you should know that the overall process could be challenging and overwhelming, depending on the contractors you find.

Generally, you should know what to expect before checking out HVAC Chesapeake VA, which is why we decided to write you tips that will give you helpful information you will need along the way.

That way, you will be able to prepare your household before the replacement project starts.

Let us start from the beginning.

Estimate the Replacement Expenses

Remember that you should get the replacement estimates before you start with the overall process. We recommend contacting at least three companies or contractors to get the relevant estimation based on the in-person analysis.

As soon as they arrive at your property, they will measure the square footage and perform numerous calculations based on your property’s …

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The Basis Of Home Foundation Inspection Costs

No matter which way you slice it and dice it, the last thing you want to hear from a home inspector is that you have a crack or damage to your foundation and you have no choice but to get it fixed as quickly as possible. It is absolutely imperative that you get your foundation repaired as quickly as you can as the foundation of the home is the cornerstone of it. It is the one thing that makes a structure strong and stable. Inspectors have a duty to be vigilant and point out any issues with the foundations such as cracking walls or the foundation settling so the homeowner can get it fixed and the house can be secure again.

In theory, having an inspector come out to your home and find a problem with a foundation that needs to be fixed is a good thing. It means your …

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Types Of Concrete Foundations

Many people think that all concrete slab foundation on homes or buildings are the same. There are many different types of foundation. These are some different types of concrete slab foundations that can be used for a building.

Flooring Slab Foundation

This foundation is a continuous grade of concrete that is used under buildings. It has additional reinforcement that goes along the bottom of the foundation. In some cases, the reinforcement can also be put under steel columns that go down the foundation. This is a great choice for industrial buildings.

Footing and Grade Beam Foundation

This foundation does not have concrete underneath them. Footing and grade beam foundations are used and they are placed in rectangular and square footings. There is a grade beam going through each of these footings. The beams are responsible for supporting the weight of the building.

Drilled Pier Foundation

This is another type of …

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The Importance of Sewer Smoke Testing

Regularly smoke testing sewer systems is essential to locating and identifying leaks. A sewer smoke test is also an effective way to determine the source of stormwater infiltration problems. This helps to avoid any environmental or property damages that may occur when the city’s sewer system is overwhelmed by stormwater. When there is a flood due to heavy rain, water within the sewer system can overflow and flood homes and other structures.

How a Smoke Test Works

Sewer and water contractors blow a non-toxic smoke into manholes. The smoke is approved by the MSDSs Public Health Agency. It’s very important that the smoke be non-toxic because sometimes it can enter the homes of residents. As professionals blow the smoke into manholes using a blower, the smoke enters all the connected pipes in the sewer, which helps locate the source of pipe leaks, cracks, broken manholes, and more. Smoke testing can …

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Facts About Plastic Welding

It’s common knowledge that you usually can’t work plastics the same way you would metals. When a plastic object cracks or breaks apart, it’s typically thrown away or recycled—at best, glued back together with the hopes that it’ll hold and still function. However, there’s a trick that many folks aren’t aware of: plastic welding. Though it doesn’t sound possible, it’s performed regularly in industry and can even be done at home.

How Can Plastic Be Welded?

When someone talks about welding, they usually don’t have plastics in mind. However, the basic process used in welding metals can apply to various plastics as well. Welding, in essence, is using heat to partially melt two pieces of work material in order to join them together. Plastics can be melted, too, and many are safe to work with. In an industrial setting, welding can be used to assemble or repair plastic objects, whether …