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Three Options for Upgrading Your Roof

A roof replacement may not be the most glamorous home improvement, but often it is the most necessary. Your current roof might have damage from recent storms or old age, requiring repair. Energy savings or eco-friendly renovation might be your main objectives. Maybe you want to increase the value of your home ahead of listing it for sale. Here are three tips for making upgrades.

Energy Efficient Materials

In the past, you had to go with white or light-colored shingles for a cooler roof. This look wasn’t always visually pleasing in the long run, due to accumulation of dirt and debris. Today reflective shingles are available in assorted colors and textures to please any design tastes. Granules on the surface reflect radiation from the sun, allowing for dissipation of heat. This environmentally-friendly option may reduce your energy bills by as much as 15%. Consult a contractor of residential roofing St

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5 Tips for Choosing Deck Balusters

As you plan and build a new deck or patio for your home, you’ll make several decisions, such as how sturdy your railing must be and how to support the stairs. You may research different architectural styles and carefully consider how your new addition will be used. Along the way, you’ll have the chance to choose balusters that provide security and add to the overall decorative design. Use the following tips for finding the perfect balusters.

1. Prioritize Safety

Even if your deck is relatively low, the primary purpose of the baluster is safety. Take a look at safety codes established by your city government; building codes may require specific spacing, the height of pickets, and the materials you use. If you have a contractor building the deck, make sure s/he obtains the right permits, as well.

2. Consider the Overall Design Scheme

If you have focused on a colonial …

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Keep Your Air Conditioner in Quality Condition Year After Year

Taking care of an air conditioner involves a little TLC before the warm season hits and after it finishes. It might seem like a lot of unnecessary work, but this type of preventative care can ensure that your air conditioner stays in good working order for many years to come.

Have the Air Conditioner Checked Out Twice a Year

Preventative care before and after the busy season means that you can protect the air conditioner and remedy any problems while they are still small. It is often cheaper to fix small problems than it is big ones, allowing you to save money. If there is an issue, it is better to know early on or afterward, before you find yourself in dire need of an air conditioner.

Choose a Professional

While DIY may seem like the trendy thing for homeowners to do, it isn’t the smartest. That’s because air conditioners …

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Go Green and Save: 3 Ways To Reduce Your Energy Costs

Most climate solutions that gain widespread support have both an individual and a social component, and more and more homeowners like you are prioritizing the individual side of those recommendations. It makes sense, because energy costs will only continue to rise as demand for electricity and other resources climbs with demand for amenities like heating and air conditioning. Going green means being closer to self-sufficiency, which is also code for cash savings. While it might not always make sense to do every cash-saving home renovation, finding the right ones can help lower your monthly overhead while helping you live a happier, healthier, more socially-conscious life.

3 Steps To Energy Savings

The first and most obvious thing you can do is get into your own power generation. If you’re generating electricity at home, you’re using less of the stuff that has to be produced at a massive power plant. There are …

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3 Organic Ways To Keep Your Yard Pest-Free

Many people are reluctant to use chemicals to control yard pests. They feel they are trading one health issue for another. But there are many pest control services that use organic methods to help keep you safe without adding potentially dangerous chemicals into your life. Here are some thoughts about what you can do yourself.

Grow Pest-Repelling Plants

There are many plants that will deter pests such as ticks from hanging around your yard, such as lavender, marigolds, lemongrass, basil and lemon balm. Adding some of these plants to your landscape will add beauty as well.

Remove Tick Habitats

Ticks and other pests like dark, damp places. To keep them out of your yard, take away their favorite places to live. For example, ticks love tall grass, so don’t allow your yard to become overgrown. Remove piles of sticks, grass, leaves and other yard waste. Keep your bushes and trees …