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Creating an All Electric Home

With concerns about the effects of natural gas on our climate and the push to look for more sustainable forms of energy, all-electric households are receiving much attention. These homes operate without relying on gas for the operation of the home’s heat and appliances. Consider switching to an all-electric household for the benefits it can bring to the environment and your wallet.

Electric Water Heater

Talking to a water heater company Pleasanton CA can be the first step in creating a home that no longer relies on natural gas. There are multiple types of electric water heaters, the most common being the traditional tank water heater or the newer tank-less, or on-demand, water heater. Operating a fully electric household can save money by removing a costly gas bill from your monthly expenses, and this can especially be evident when switching to an electric water heater.

Electric Heat Pump

Installing an …

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Is a Room Addition Right for You?

Maybe your family is growing. Perhaps you are expecting another baby or an elderly parent can’t live alone anymore. Whatever the reason, if you find yourself in need of more space, you have a decision to make: either move to a larger house or add on. Here are some points to consider if you are thinking about room additions jacksonville fl.

Selling Your House

One thing you could consider is selling your present house and buying a bigger one. This could depend upon the housing market in your area. How quickly are houses selling and what kind of prices are the sellers getting for their properties? If there are things you don’t like about your house or the neighborhood it is in, selling would make sense. Contact a realtor for an appraisal.

Buying a New House

If it looks like your house would probably sell, take the time …

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Adding Value To Your Beach Rental Through a Cargo Elevator

Owners of beach houses know that the rental business is a competitive one. The market for vacation rentals has a five-year growth rate of almost seven percent. Now more than ever, renters have hundreds of options and websites to search through, so it’s always a good idea to differentiate your home. Cargo elevators are an innovative way to do so.

Why Add a Cargo Lift?

Beach homes are notorious for stairs. Due to the potential for hurricanes, houses are being built higher than ever before, making it difficult for some people to haul luggage or heavy groceries to each level. For this reason, many potential renters turn to hotels with elevators. However, beach house cargo lifts can be advertised to customers in this category who prefer the privacy and space of a house. An elevator can also prevent damage to walls from renters hauling up their own luggage.

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