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3 Ways To Repurpose Metal

When it comes to recycling materials, metal is one of the most versatile of the bunch. Whether you find yourself using something you already have or finding something on the side of the road, you may wonder how to repurpose these metal treasures best.

There is no shortage of uses for metal. While some applications may seem obvious, others are more creative. When on the lookout for giving new life to an ailing metal element, you may want to consider a metal fabrication near me portland or for some assistance in making it work. Here are three ideas you can take with you when you do decide to give this route a go.

1. Metal Furniture

You may rescue an aged or uncared for piece of metal furniture on someone’s curb the night before garbage pickup. It may look unsalvagable, but unless it is filled with holes, you can always …

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Designing the Right Leak Test

Making sure that your systems work properly is a huge responsibility. Poorly functioning systems work less efficiently, wasting time and money. Defects also could lead to liability if employees or customers are injured. There are several considerations for leak testing Houston TX.

Choose Appropriate Test Design

You want to choose a test method that will detect meaningful failures in your system. Therefore, the method for detecting leaks must be sensitive enough to measure the smallest leak that you will tolerate.

As you increase the sensitivity of the test, the protocols may become too costly and time-consuming. You will need to balance detection of small leaks with cost. Finding this balance requires an understanding of the leakage amount that becomes operationally significant.

The test method itself should be reliable and repeatable. Test equipment should be accurate, and different operators should arrive at the same result. All measurement systems have an …

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Properly Maintained Equipment Can Be the Key to Operating Any Profitable Car Wash

When started in the right community, a car wash can provide steady revenue while requiring relatively little initial investment by a savvy entrepreneur. There are a few common pitfalls that can derail the possibility of profits for those who have not properly prepared for the experience. Among the most frustrating is a lack of maintenance and routine repair on the complex and often delicate equipment employed at these advanced businesses.

Why You Should Invest in Regular Maintenance

There are many pieces in play to make almost any type of car wash business operating smoothly. As more customers begin using these devices, they will inevitably become worn and possibly damaged unless preventative care is a priority. That is why car wash maintenance should be among the first things any owner takes into consideration upon cutting the ribbon and welcoming the first customer.

What You Should Look for in a Service Provider

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Repairing vs. Replacing a Refrigerator

There is nothing quite as frustrating as spending $200 on groceries only to realize your refrigerator has stopped working. Nobody likes to spend money on their appliances, but sometimes it can’t be helped. If you refrigerator isn’t keeping things as cold as it used to, you’ll need either to repair or replace it. This quick guide will help you decide which idea is best.

Check the Basics

Your mind may go to the worst as soon as you realize your food isn’t staying cold, but checking the basics first can keep you from spending money on unnecessary repair or replacement. First, double-check that the cord hasn’t come loose from the wall behind the appliance. Next, check your circuit breakers to make sure one wasn’t tripped. You should also make sure the coils aren’t clogged with dust and that the air ducts aren’t blocked by items in the refrigerator.

When to

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Small Improvements in Decor Can Have Big Results

Home renovations usually involve big-picture changes, such as painting entire rooms or replacing all of the fixtures in the bathroom. If you don’t have the time or budget for a large-scale renovation, consider redoing one of these forgotten tasks.


Closets are easy to forget about because they usually have doors to keep guests from seeing the mess inside them. Don’t let yourself throw in all your clothes and shut the door. To motivate yourself to keep your clothes as fresh as if they just came off the dry cleaning conveyor, spend some time rethinking your closet. Go through your clothes and shoes and donate the ones that you no longer wear. Make your closet more exciting by painting it the same color as its room’s trim. Purchase or design a fun organization system that keeps your clothes in order but still looks nice.


Pillows can quickly blend …