3 Exterior Remodeling Projects for Your Older Home

If you live in a home that is more than 10 years-old, you may have noticed that it’s time to take care of some larger maintenance projects. While interior remodeling projects often come first, it’s wise not to neglect the exterior of your home. Here are three exterior remodeling projects that you shouldn’t overlook.

1. Replacing Your Roof

If your roof isn’t leaking, you probably haven’t even considered that it may need to be replaced. However, most roofs have a 20-year life expectancy so if you’ve never inspected it, now is a good time. Here are some things you should check:

  • Your records – it’s helpful to know when your roof was installed and what material it’s made of.
  • The attic – look for beams of light coming in or signs of water leaks.
  • The roof – look for roof shingles that are cracked or curling. You should also look for loose granules and sagging areas that indicate moisture being trapped underneath the shingles.

2. Repairing Your Gutters

Another exterior remodeling Denver CO project is repairing your rain gutters. Properly functioning rain gutters are essential to keep water flowing off of your roof. Some of the signs that you need to repair your gutters include gutters that pull away from your home, mold and mildew near your roof, and water pooling on your roof near the gutters.

3. Upgrading Your Siding

Whether your home has been damaged from a storm or your siding is simply showing its age, upgrading your siding can immediately increase the curb appeal of your home. A professional company can help you select and install new siding that fits any color, budget and style. Signs that you need to update your siding include holes, dents or missing siding.

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Older homes have large exterior maintenance projects that need to be taken care of in order to maintain the quality of the home. Check your home to see if you need to replace your roof, gutters or siding.