3 Organic Ways To Keep Your Yard Pest-Free

Many people are reluctant to use chemicals to control yard pests. They feel they are trading one health issue for another. But there are many pest control services that use organic methods to help keep you safe without adding potentially dangerous chemicals into your life. Here are some thoughts about what you can do yourself.

Grow Pest-Repelling Plants

There are many plants that will deter pests such as ticks from hanging around your yard, such as lavender, marigolds, lemongrass, basil and lemon balm. Adding some of these plants to your landscape will add beauty as well.

Remove Tick Habitats

Ticks and other pests like dark, damp places. To keep them out of your yard, take away their favorite places to live. For example, ticks love tall grass, so don’t allow your yard to become overgrown. Remove piles of sticks, grass, leaves and other yard waste. Keep your bushes and trees trimmed. Look around your yard for dark, damp places and try to eliminate as many of them as possible.

Spray Your Yard

Another line of defense against an infestation is the use of organic tick repellents. These nontoxic sprays are a safe and effective way to keep disease-carrying ticks away from your family without the potentially dangerous effects of chemicals.

Organic repellent sprays can be made from natural plants such as garlic oil or from essential oil mixes that may include lemongrass, peppermint, thyme, clove, geranium, spearmint, rosemary, citronella or cedar. Neem oil, or neem oil mixed with apple cider vinegar, can also keep bugs at bay.

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It’s important to remember that not all of these natural remedies are pet-friendly. Essential oils shouldn’t be used on cats, for example, and no pets should be fed garlic. If you have pets, be sure to research any ingredients before using or making your own natural deterrent. You may want to call in the professionals who know what is safe for you and your pets.

Enjoy Your Yard and Stay Healthy

Spending time outside with your family and pets is one of life’s simple joys. Make sure you all stay safe and free from the diseases that can be carried by ticks by using these safe, organic methods to keep pests out of your yard.