3 Rooms to Remodel in Your Seasonal Florida Home

Do you wish you could breathe some new life in your winter home in Florida? If you’re like most people, there’s at least something about your vacation home that you’d like to improve. Revitalize your seasonal home by remodeling aspects of your kitchen, master bedroom and master bathroom.


The kitchen is the hearth of the home. Family and friends often gather to talk and laugh while food is being prepared. A large, open design with plenty of counter and cabinet space can provide a  warm, inviting atmosphere in your kitchen. That way there’s room for all your friends and family to get together. You can upgrade to custom kitchen cabinets in Sarasota FL that match the kitchen’s current style, or redesign the entire space.


Sleep experts suggest that people rest better when they love their bedrooms. If you’re not in love with your seasonal Florida home’s master bedroom, it might be time to make your dreams come true. Get that new mattress, remodel that tiny closet and invest in that wall-mounted TV – that is, if your heart desires. Be sure to create a space in your master bedroom that brings you peace and tranquility.


You probably want your master bathroom to be a peaceful place, too. There are so many ways to create a relaxing environment in your bathroom, even for folks on a budget. For example, decorating the master bathroom with house plants can create a garden-like vibe without breaking the bank. On the other hand, you could get that clawfoot bathtub you’ve always wanted.

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If there are things you’d improve about your Florida vacation home, consider upgrading your kitchen, master bathroom or master bedroom to help you fall in love with the house all over again. Don’t wait another season to bring your vision to life.