3 Ways To Repurpose Metal

When it comes to recycling materials, metal is one of the most versatile of the bunch. Whether you find yourself using something you already have or finding something on the side of the road, you may wonder how to repurpose these metal treasures best.

There is no shortage of uses for metal. While some applications may seem obvious, others are more creative. When on the lookout for giving new life to an ailing metal element, you may want to consider a metal fabrication near me portland or for some assistance in making it work. Here are three ideas you can take with you when you do decide to give this route a go.

1. Metal Furniture

You may rescue an aged or uncared for piece of metal furniture on someone’s curb the night before garbage pickup. It may look unsalvagable, but unless it is filled with holes, you can always use an anti-rust paint product to breath new life into it. For something in need of more TLC, sanding the rougher metal edges down or replacing them completely can help make the piece fresh and relevant for your home.

2. Replacement Parts

There is a lot of metal lying around your house, and some of these, like appliances, maybe much more expensive to replace. While you may not be able to avoid replacing some of these more costly fixtures, others may require a good patch job. Other times, you may be able to replace individual elements using recycled metal that has been fashioned to match.

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3. Wall Hangings

Farmhouse and industrial decor have become popular. Repurposing metal objects that will just get tossed into fashionable decor may help spruce up your living area. Picture frames, metal signs, and well-placed vehicle elements may help make an accent wall pop in a way you never thought before.

Recycling is one way we can do our part to reduce waste. When it comes to metal, with so many possibilities, considering giving it another life may do more to reduce your footprint and keep your costs down.