Adding Landscaping To Your Home

The curb appeal of your home can be more important than the appearance of the inside since visitors see that first. Keeping up your yard and other landscaping can be a chore but is well worth it to have an attractive house. Here are some tips to landscaping.

Build a Path

Map out the pathways that you want before you start to plant. You will want to install gravel washington county or or dig out dirt to lay cement for a sidewalk. You can also use bricks or paver stones to create a decorate walk. At this point, you will also want to build in your deck, patio or steps. You will want to start with the front of your yard since guests will see this first before your backyard. If your budget and time allows, you can continue on to the other side of the house.

Digging In the Dirt

Once you have your walkways prepared, turn over the soil where you wish to plant your shrubs and flowers. Treat the area with nutrients to help the vegetation grow and add mulch. Add in the plants you wish according to the nursery’s instructions. Choose bushes that will grow in front of your house so that they will stay low enough that visitors can see the shutters and other decorative trim. Select flowers that will match the color of your home.

Add a Bit Of Trim

Once you are done with your planting, you can add stones or brick around them as a decorative border. Spread out river rock around your bushes and pots of flowers to add a bit of contrast color. This will also prevent the soil from eroding away from the items you have added. You can also install subtle decorations or lawn art to give it a sense of your personal style.

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