Adding Value To Your Beach Rental Through a Cargo Elevator

Owners of beach houses know that the rental business is a competitive one. The market for vacation rentals has a five-year growth rate of almost seven percent. Now more than ever, renters have hundreds of options and websites to search through, so it’s always a good idea to differentiate your home. Cargo elevators are an innovative way to do so.

Why Add a Cargo Lift?

Beach homes are notorious for stairs. Due to the potential for hurricanes, houses are being built higher than ever before, making it difficult for some people to haul luggage or heavy groceries to each level. For this reason, many potential renters turn to hotels with elevators. However, beach house cargo lifts can be advertised to customers in this category who prefer the privacy and space of a house. An elevator can also prevent damage to walls from renters hauling up their own luggage.

What Should You Look For in a Lift?

Make sure to find a lift with a large weight capacity. Many beach homes have narrow stairwells, which make it difficult to move heavy furniture or appliances. A cargo elevator can make installation and removal of these items much easier, but it has to be able to hold the weight. A lift with one-thousand-pound capacity would work well. Stability is essential, so dual cables are ideal, along with a guard rail so cargo doesn’t accidentally fall out.

With the availability of instant bookings and more short-term rental options, consumers have many choices when selecting a beach vacation home. A cargo lift can make your home more appealing and possibly establish a niche for the elderly market or those needing assistance with luggage. As long as you do your research to find a sturdy product with a reputable company, you’ll soon be enjoying the increased rental revenue.

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