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3 Rooms to Remodel in Your Seasonal Florida Home

Do you wish you could breathe some new life in your winter home in Florida? If you’re like most people, there’s at least something about your vacation home that you’d like to improve. Revitalize your seasonal home by remodeling aspects of your kitchen, master bedroom and master bathroom.


The kitchen is the hearth of the home. Family and friends often gather to talk and laugh while food is being prepared. A large, open design with plenty of counter and cabinet space can provide a  warm, inviting atmosphere in your kitchen. That way there’s room for all your friends and family to get together. You can upgrade to custom kitchen cabinets in Sarasota FL that match the kitchen’s current style, or redesign the entire space.


Sleep experts suggest that people rest better when they love their bedrooms. If you’re not in love with your seasonal Florida home’s master …

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How Marconi Changed the World

If you think of your cell phone as an extension of the radio, you can see the radio as a miracle invention that snowballed into some of the greatest technological gadgets ever created. You take your modern radio everywhere, listen to it while you drive, and even ask it for directions. But in what other ways has the radio helped changed the world of man? You may be surprised.

The Box

When radio first came out, it was a brown or black box that people turned on for a few hours at night to hear comical stories and music. It quickly became an advertising medium and was used to sell everything imaginable to the average household. Then one night, millions listened as the world was invaded by aliens – and again, radio changed mankind.

The Signal

As signals became stronger, the radio evolved into a communication device for ships, planes, …

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What To Consider When Buying a Home

You are looking for a new home and are considering many options. There are many things you should keep in mind when shopping around for a place. Whether you buy a fixer upper or order a custom homes arizona, here are a few things that will keep your repairs to a minimum right after you move in.

Looking Up At the Situation

One of the first things you need to look at while browsing at houses is the roof. If there is discoloration or missing tiles, you might want to reconsider that house. A new roof can too much to handle right after you move in. You can hire an inspector to take a second look at it if you are sold on the rest of the house.

Look Beyond the Color

Your ideal situation would be to buy a place and move in right away. However, you will …

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Three Simple Steps to Organized Closets

Closets seem to be the universal black hole in every house. There is always at least one closet in a home that everybody hopes that you never see the inside of. Instead of cowering in shame when someone gets near that dreaded door, make it a space that is so organized that you will be delighted in showing it off — or at least unembarrassed!

1. Remove it All

Yup, you read that right: All of it. No matter what the contents of your closet contain, you must empty it first to see just how much you’ve stuffed inside of it. Clean and dust the inside once it’s empty; you can buy cleaning cloths wholesale if it’s an especially frightening task.

2. Get Rid of Junk

Why are you holding onto that pair of skis when you haven’t been to the mountains in fifteen years? What is so special …

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Why Do Sprinkler Systems Need to Be Inspected?

Commercial buildings such as high-rise office complexes, large apartment buildings or parking garages are required to have sprinkler systems to help suppress fires. Those systems need to undergo regular testing to ensure that they are working properly. This is especially important if a system is more than fifty years old, which is considered “at risk.” What is involved in a 5 year fire sprinkler certification california?


Inspectors look at the outside and the inside of the sprinkler system during an inspection. From the outside, they are looking for leaks, broken components, discoloration or holes. Next, the interior of the system is inspected. This involves draining the water out of the system and using a special camera to look for holes or obstructions. An obstruction can be a piece of dirt or foreign matter that clogs the pipe or the sprinkler head. If an obstruction is found, the …