Creating an All Electric Home

With concerns about the effects of natural gas on our climate and the push to look for more sustainable forms of energy, all-electric households are receiving much attention. These homes operate without relying on gas for the operation of the home’s heat and appliances. Consider switching to an all-electric household for the benefits it can bring to the environment and your wallet.

Electric Water Heater

Talking to a water heater company Pleasanton CA can be the first step in creating a home that no longer relies on natural gas. There are multiple types of electric water heaters, the most common being the traditional tank water heater or the newer tank-less, or on-demand, water heater. Operating a fully electric household can save money by removing a costly gas bill from your monthly expenses, and this can especially be evident when switching to an electric water heater.

Electric Heat Pump

Installing an electric heat pump can create a more efficient heating and cooling system in your home, creating less of a burden on your wallet compared to expensive gas bills. In cooler climates, the heat pump can be supplemented with a wood-burning fireplace insert to maintain an energy-efficient home.

Electric Oven

Gas stoves are becoming a thing of the past — and for good reason. Electric stoves are easier for most people to cook on and use less energy than the traditional gas stove. By adding this electric appliance to your home, you could completely eliminate the need for a costly natural gas charge.

The shift towards energy efficient homes is a trend that is not likely to go away soon. By taking a few steps to make your home fully electric, you can save yourself money and create a cleaner environment. If you are interested in going fully electric, speak to your local electric company to learn how to get started.

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