Delivery Services Are Changing Consumer Trends

Walmart is facing some tough competition from online sales giants like Amazon, and as such, has redefined the customer experience. It had long been assumed that the megastore would take over the retail industry, as Walmart offers everything from baby food, to tires, to furniture, and bags of peat moss. There is very little Walmart doesn’t offer, but it took pressure from consumers who prefer touch-screen shopping to turn their retail services in a whole new direction.

Competing For Delivery

The beauty of online shopping is the ability to get whatever you want without ever leaving your home. Although the post office has done a decent job of getting mail delivered on time, using services like FedEx and UPS opened faster delivery times. However, with the rush placed on many orders, there needed to a guarantee that the final product would be delivered without incident according to customer expectations. Amazon became known for its Ista 6 Amazon Apass Testing, which ensures the cargo inside each package is well-protected. With the new options of robotic and drone delivery services, this frustration-free but extremely reliable packaging system is a must. However, Walmart has taken its custodial responsibility for goods seriously.

The Future of Customer Service

In 2019, Walmart announced that it would be offering in-home delivery services for things like groceries when ordered online. Consumers thought curbside pick-up was the best thing on the market, but then Walmart took it to the next level with personal delivery right into your fridge. Even though some loyal Walmart shoppers are wary of the new customer service commitment, the pilot programs have employees wearing body cams to help protect both themselves and the customer from claims of negligence, criminal acts, or wrongdoing. It will be interesting to see if the service continues to make its way to stores across the county.

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At some point, having everyone else do your shopping for you seems a bit co-dependent.  Even though it is nice to push a button and get things sent straight to your door, there is also something to be said about developing a sense of community as you stand in the slowest line ever at your local store.