Design Roof Deck System

Roof deck is an open space that was on the top floor. The difference with terrace, when the terrace is equipped with a roof on top, but the roof deck does not use the element. So did not use protection. So that sunlight can enter or emits light directly without hindrance to the place.

Therefore, if you want to make the design roof deck system or lying position must take into account this problem. Function roof deck itself is generally not much different from the terrace, which is to get together with family members or relax and enjoy the scenery is around the building where the roof deck overlooking the house.

But sometimes the roof deck is used to hold other events that eat together or other events that are not official and only a few number of people. This could allow for roof deck is at a height so that the actual event is privacy cannot be visible to others. This is what also distinguishes it from the patio because the terrace could not be used to hold such events.

The first thing that must be considered when making a roof deck that must pay attention to the direction of the sun so that the temperature in these places is not too hot. But if the circumstances do not allow, roof deck can be fitted with a pergola by vines. Only the vines should not close all parts of the pergola, but enough in certain places. Because when all is closed, then the concept of open space would be reduced or lost.

The atmosphere is cooler can also be created with the use of ornamental plants whose size is quite large and shady. Despite the large size, but the plants should be placed in the pot just so that when not in use or want to require a wider space can be moved easily.

While the concept of style or design can adjust the architecture of existing buildings with the aim to zoom looks together, not an integral part. Then another thing that should be considered, as far as possible the position or location of the roof deck of this direction is facing the other building. If this occurs can reduce the value of privacy, especially if the building is also equipped with a patio or deck the same roof.

Parts of the floor should use material that has properties of waterproof and sunlight, like any other room in open or outdoor. Sunlight and rainwater down can make the floor becomes durable or easy to crack and emerging fungi and lichens. If you want to use the floor of the timber, must have that quality is really good and given a layer of anti-mold and mildew.

Sewer, water should also be considered carefully. Do not let happen when rain poured down will cause water logging. As described above, the roof element is not required in the manufacture of roof deck. Better if on the edge of it is a kind of small trenches so that water can flow directly on the spot. However, if it is felt could ruin the view, on the corner of a hole drainage and the pipe can be directly routed to the bottom.

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Then to the furniture also should be selected which uses waterproof material. For example, from metal or wood, teak and other timber that is usually used to create a garden chair. Except if it is summer, the furniture can be replaced with other materials such as sofa, chairs made of foam, and so on. It’s just like seat foam is sometimes still cause problems as well because it does not withstand the sun rays. So the best way is just putting it up when it is being used alone.