Designing the Right Leak Test

Making sure that your systems work properly is a huge responsibility. Poorly functioning systems work less efficiently, wasting time and money. Defects also could lead to liability if employees or customers are injured. There are several considerations for leak testing Houston TX.

Choose Appropriate Test Design

You want to choose a test method that will detect meaningful failures in your system. Therefore, the method for detecting leaks must be sensitive enough to measure the smallest leak that you will tolerate.

As you increase the sensitivity of the test, the protocols may become too costly and time-consuming. You will need to balance detection of small leaks with cost. Finding this balance requires an understanding of the leakage amount that becomes operationally significant.

The test method itself should be reliable and repeatable. Test equipment should be accurate, and different operators should arrive at the same result. All measurement systems have an error of measurement, and you should know that error.

The testing should replicate ordinary operating conditions in terms of temperature and humidity. Choose an appropriate test duration that mirrors the length of time that the equipment will be under pressure at any one time.

Prepare Properly for Testing

If the items that you test have been used, they need to be cleaned because debris can plug holes and produce false-negative test results. After cleaning, items should be fully dried to remove the effect of the cleaning fluid.

New items, fresh off of the production line, may also need preparation before testing. Some manufacturing processes may leave behind residues that would wear off in actual use. Those residues need to be removed for the most accurate evaluations.

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Appropriate test design and testing, documented in repeatable and reliable protocols, will make sure that your leak testing yields the data that you need for your quality assurance program.