Don’t Waste the Water

Excessive water use may result in your most expensive monthly bill. You can decrease your spending on water and make your lifestyle more environmentally friendly by following these tips.

Install Water-Conserving Appliances

Wastewater treatment companies purify water after human use, but changing some of your appliances will help decrease the amount of water that needs to be cleaned. Consider installing water-saving showerheads, toilets and washing machines. All of these amenities are designed to limit the water that passes through them so you do not need to worry about flushing the toilet less or taking other, less sanitary precautions. The machine will do the work for you.

Consolidate Water Usage

With the convenience of modern appliances, it is easy to use water whenever you feel the need. Make an effort to group together chores that require water so that you expend the least amount possible. For example, if you are going to handwash dishes, do them all at the same time so that you do not have to make multiple batches of soapy water. Fit as many clothes as you can into one load in the washing machine.

Use Rainwater

In most parts of the United States, rain falls at least once a week. You may only see this rain as an inconvenience on your way to work. However, you can make use of it by collecting it in a rain barrel. Putting out a barrel to catch the rain takes little effort on your part and allows you to save money on water for landscaping. This water cannot be used for drinking or washing but is useful for watering plants or your grass during dry times.

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By following these suggestions, you will save money and conserve resources. Make the sacrifice of a little extra work in order to do your part to help the environment.