Exploring the Versatility of Western Décor

Rarely does one décor style showcase every aspect of someone’s decorating style. That’s most likely why décor styles often merge or overlap. Rustic modern, modern traditional, shabby chic and contemporary and many other décor combinations have emerged to accommodate individual decorating taste or to help maintain harmony in a home where a couple has different decorating preferences. Western décor can be paired with other decorating styles to create an impressive, unique décor.


The colors found in western décor tend to be rich earthy colors. Whether its western living room decor, bedroom décor or a bathroom designed with a western vibe, using colors from a neutral palette will allow for more decorative freedom in the overall room décor. It’s a personal choice as to whether you choose dark neutrals or light neutral for the walls. The remainder of the colors you incorporate into the room can cover a diverse range including brown, orange, burgundy, dark green and deep gold.

Merging Western Décor

Western living room decor can be successfully combined with some unexpected décor styles. You can incorporate beautifully designed wood and wrought iron accent tables into your modern, contemporary, rustic or minimalistic décor. Sofas, recliners and accent chairs designed to use in a western décor are typically upholstered in durable, soft, exquisitely beautiful leather. These chairs can add beauty, comfort and distinction to many living room decors.

Decorative Accessories

Animal print rugs and pillows and wrought iron décor items are just a couple of examples of western style accessories that can be mixed with other accessory styles. Tooled leather accessories add a western touch to any room. Western wall art often features horses, hunting scenes, hunting dogs or prairie scenes that can complement a variety of decors.

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A western décor often features hardwood flooring which is also used with many other decorating styles. A natural stone fireplace is often a part of a western décor. Incorporating natural stone in any décor brings an element of earthiness or natural beauty to the room.