Go Green and Save: 3 Ways To Reduce Your Energy Costs

Most climate solutions that gain widespread support have both an individual and a social component, and more and more homeowners like you are prioritizing the individual side of those recommendations. It makes sense, because energy costs will only continue to rise as demand for electricity and other resources climbs with demand for amenities like heating and air conditioning. Going green means being closer to self-sufficiency, which is also code for cash savings. While it might not always make sense to do every cash-saving home renovation, finding the right ones can help lower your monthly overhead while helping you live a happier, healthier, more socially-conscious life.

3 Steps To Energy Savings

The first and most obvious thing you can do is get into your own power generation. If you’re generating electricity at home, you’re using less of the stuff that has to be produced at a massive power plant. There are a lot of ways to do this, from installing solar panels on the roof to geothermal heating. If you aren’t ready for a big investment, you can still impact your energy bill by using portable solar power to keep your batteries charged and your power banks at the ready. Never having to plug in devices to charge can reduce a lot of power demand.

The second is to look at spray foam solutions to increase your insulation factor. You’ll need less heating and cooling year-round if your home is better insulated, and that reduces your overall energy footprint, not just your carbon footprint. The best part is spray foam is often as cost efficient as it is energy efficient.

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Last but not least, consider your temperature settings. Getting comfortable around the house in a more casual look can help you keep cool in summer, and most winter fashions are designed for warmth. Tolerating a little wider temperature window can compound your savings after installing insulation, allowing you to truly minimize your impact and put your money into your dreams.