Going Against The Traditional Fence

A fence offers many uses for your yard and home. It provides protection from animals that might be roaming around, and it can often deter would-be intruders. Some fence designs can also increase the value of your property and enhance the appeal of your property. Before installing just any fence, talk to a fence company Tampa FL offers to get ideas about some of the modern designs that are available.

An iron fence is a bit sturdier than one that is made with wood or chain links. They also allow ventilation for the yard while still offering protection. If you decide on a wooden fence, then consider adding a design to some of the sections. You could also put a climber’s wall at some points along the fence for flowers and vines to grow. After the growing season, the design will still be there for you to enjoy.

A horizontal design is a modern idea for a fence, especially if you live in the city limits or if you live in an area where homes are close together. This design doesn’t overwhelm the yard as much as a vertical design would. Black or gray would be good colors to consider if the exterior of your home is designed with the same colors. Brown would be the best option for this kind of fence if you live in a brick home or one that has an exterior of warm neutral colors.

Bring the tropics to your backyard by installing a bamboo fence. While this material is sturdy, it’s often used for decoration instead of stability or keeping a pet from escaping the yard. Plant flowers of bright colors along the edge of the fence as well as a fountain or pond and a few rocks to complete the tropical look in the yard.

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