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Fall is officially here and with the cool crisp climate comes a lot of not so cool problems which arise in our houses. I utilized a bunch of Martha Stewart’s checklists as a starting point to produce home maintenance and cleaning checklists. So right behind the cleaning checklist, I also laminated a Home Maintenance checklist! I looked for a while and this truly appears to be the only home maintenance app out there. List your service providers on your fridge or in the back of your calendar so you update it every single year.

HOME MAINTENANCE will automatically update your next service schedule and visually warn you when items are due for servicing. Swamped with his own contracts, my husband had originally planned to employ a organization to re-shingle a little section of our roof. The 5 important home maintenance projects, described in detail under, are reasonably inexpensive, easy to comprehensive more than a weekend, and can be accomplished by most property owners themselves!

If we owned it, our payments would be at least twice what the rent is. In addition, by renting, we never have to be concerned about repairs and maintenance costs. The BrightNest mobile app is entirely totally free to download, for each iOS and Android Enjoy custom home tips, a personal schedule, and storage of your unique property attributes with out ever paying a dime!

A single of the easiest, critical home maintenance projects is to check, re-caulk and seal doors and windows every single year. We’ll send you custom-tailored property suggestions based on your requirements and your home’s unique traits to support you reach your goals. I decided to just use the fantastic list found on the www, and copy it into my own checklist of course, I sourced my resource at the bottom. This is effortless to do due to the fact the app reminds me of how frequently every single activity requirements to be performed. It starts out explaining why home maintenance is important, receiving to know the property, and placing together a program.

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I feel i have a basic expertise of what to look for in home maintenance and how to get the job carried out. One of the simplest home maintenance or DIY residence improvement projects is to set up landscaping that will aid to heat your property in the course of winter or preserve it cool throughout summer time. It’s also crucial to preserve records of any upkeep and upgrades you have completed.