How Marconi Changed the World

If you think of your cell phone as an extension of the radio, you can see the radio as a miracle invention that snowballed into some of the greatest technological gadgets ever created. You take your modern radio everywhere, listen to it while you drive, and even ask it for directions. But in what other ways has the radio helped changed the world of man? You may be surprised.

The Box

When radio first came out, it was a brown or black box that people turned on for a few hours at night to hear comical stories and music. It quickly became an advertising medium and was used to sell everything imaginable to the average household. Then one night, millions listened as the world was invaded by aliens – and again, radio changed mankind.

The Signal

As signals became stronger, the radio evolved into a communication device for ships, planes, and emergency services. When World War II erupted, the radio was carried into the battle field to communicate during the war. Using directional dividers, miniature circuits, and rf couplers, the radio continues to advance as technology grows and expands.

The Earpiece

Today the radio has transformed from an invisible signal sent to big black boxes into a powerful handheld cellular device that can transmit across the world as that invisible signal bounces from one cell tower to another in the blink of an eye. It allows you to see who you talk to rather than simply listening, and you are never far away from help with the aid of an unknown entity that can answer your questions, send assistance, and tell you where to go for the best hamburger in your area.

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Yes, the radio has changed the world several times over. If you are like most people, you can’t imagine your life without your cellphone, so send thanks to Guglielmo Marconi for his amazing invention, and then ask your telephone voice how to get where you are going.