How to Avoid Being a Chop Shop Victim

When watching films like The Need for Speed or The Fast and Furious, something awakens the daredevil inside each human being. You might not want to jump from a train to a moving car at speeds around 120 mph, but don’t you get a little thrill when you power down the freeway at 80? Even though you are tempted to head straight to a local mechanic shop, have them crank your vehicle up into the air and install a turbocharger, you recognize that some things are made for tv only. In fact, you probably warn your kids throughout these action-packed movies to “don’t try this at home!”

The Reality of Chop Shops

Even though they make it look awesome in the movies, chop shops are actually a threat to the safety of motorists everywhere. A chop shop is an illegal garage when cars that have been stolen are completely dismantled and parts are sold for profit within a few hours. Everything on a car has value, whether it be the spoiler, the steering wheel, the transmission, hydraulic cylinder parts, or the wheels. When you are out and about, you need to protect yourself from becoming a chop shop victim. Follow these rules for your safety.

1. Keep track of your keys. If your car is missing, locate any spare keys that you may have in your possession.

2. Always lock your car. Even if you are just running into the bank or convenience store, lock your car doors and roll up all the windows. Professional car boosters only need a small window of space if the opportunity presents itself.

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3. Park in well-lit areas. Be smart about where you park and what you leave in your car. Parking near lights or doors makes it more difficult for someone to break into your car without being noticed.

As thrilling as it would be to catch a ride with Dominic Toretto or Paul Walker, being the victim of vehicle theft is awful. Always be proactive when it comes to vehicle safety and security.