How to Buy a Home With Room Additions in Mind

When you want to move into a larger home but nothing is available in your price range, consider looking at smaller homes with room to expand. For great room additions Annre Arundel County MD has some great contractor options. Here is what to look for when buying a home you plan to add some extra space to.

Extra Yard Space

One of the easiest ways to expand a home is to turn existing outdoor land into indoor rooms. This works especially well for adding a sun room or expanding an existing room such as a kitchen or master bedroom. When touring the home, pay attention to which rooms and walls are on the outer edge of the home where new additions could be placed.

Building Up

If you are unable to find a home with enough land to build out, consider building up. When adding an upper addition, it is important to know what permits are needed in your area. This is because adding a new story to a home requires some complex construction.

Building Down

Another option when the homes for sale do not have enough yard for an add-on is finishing a basement. An unfinished basement often does not factor into the square footage price of a purchased home, meaning a finished basement  is not only a way to add space but can represent a good investment.

Choosing a Contractor

A home extension is not a project to undertake lightly. DIY options can lead to extra repairs further down the road. To protect the structural integrity of a new addition to your home, you need contractors with licensing, experience and insurance.

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Moving to a larger home can be useful in many situations, such as when you have a growing family. When you cannot find the space you need, room additions Anne Arundel County MD provide a good alternative.