How To Choose Hardwood Flooring for Your Home

Redoing the flooring in your home can instantly boost the aesthetic appeal of the home. Hardwood flooring has become a popular option in high-end homes. However, the look can also be achieved with high-quality alternatives using both natural wood and other materials. Here are some popular hardwood flooring options for your next renovation.

Monarch Flooring

For a truly customizable, exquisite engineered hardwood floor, look no further than monarch plank floors. The planks can come prefinished, unfinished or ‘finished-to-order’ for a truly customizable look. Moldings can be matched to the wood for a uniform look. If you love the look of parquet flooring, the old-world pattern is also available. The boards come in long lengths in Hickory, European Oak and Walnut.

Engineered Hardwood

There are other engineered hardwood flooring options besides Monarch. These multi-layered wood veneers offer long-term stability with the look of hardwood. The planks handle temperature changes and humidity fluctuations easier with less contracting and expanding than solid wood. There are a number of ways to install engineered hardwood including gluing them down, stapling and nailing them to the subfloor.

Solid Hardwood

The type of hardwood chosen can dictate price. Some species of wood such as maple run more expensive than others such as pine. Floor planks also vary in thickness from ¾-inch to 5/16-inch. Any room above ground can utilize the beauty of solid hardwood. Popular woods to use include maple, ash, oak, mahogany, hickory and walnut.

Some types of hardwood flooring can be installed by yourself, but it’s often best to hire a professional. For one, a seasoned professional takes less time to do the install. They also know the best way to attach the different types of hardwood to the floor to prevent bubbling and other errors. The biggest challenge may be deciding which one to use in your home. Hardwood can be a long-lasting beautiful option for your home.

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