How to Decorate in the Traditional Style

If you’re someone who likes sticking to basics and tried-and-true styling methods, then the traditional style may be perfect for your home’s interior. Whether you’re moving into a new place or want to streamline your current home’s design, here are some tips for decorating in the traditional style.

Everything Is Balanced

Choosing furniture to accommodate the traditional style is fairly easy because all furniture in the room, or even multiple rooms, should be from the same collection or at least match in color and design. When you’re designing your room, you should also make sure everything is symmetrical. For example, there should be one nightstand on each side of the bed, and furniture should be symmetrically placed around a focal point, such as a fireplace.

Designs Are Calm and Warm

Color schemes in the traditional style are usually neutral and don’t utilize any pops of color. You can simply choose a color family and put the lightest color on the wall, use the medium tones for furniture and then pick out flooring and furniture in the deep, warm tones. Common traditional woods include walnut and mahogany. Everything in the traditional style is typically generic, but you could consider custom gat creek traditional furniture if you want something that is both unique and conventional.

The Beauty Is in the Details

While overall the traditional style is basic and somewhat predictable, you can choose pieces with details that bring your traditional room to life. Furniture that has decorative millwork, built-in pieces and crown molding are examples of the kind of detailed woodwork found in traditional homes. Another way you can bring in detail is in patterns, usually on fabrics such as upholstered furniture, rugs and curtains. Paisley, damask and floral are all common traditional patterns.

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The traditional style of decorating is one of the easiest styles to emulate. As long as you match your pieces, choose neutral colors and utilize detailed millwork and patterns, your space should look effortlessly classic.