How to Paint Walls Right

Hingham Massachusetts Painting Companies is one of the best painting companies especially in the field of painting on the walls. The walls, in addition to functioning as a divider between the room and one of the main parts of the house, also has a function as a symbol of beauty and status or character of the house. How is this possible? This can be reflected through the shape and ornament attached to the wall, also the color of the paint sticks to the surface of the wall of the house and a door or window. The combination of the right color, it can be interesting vision and can add style (style) of houses and how homeowners showed character.

How to combine colors and good technical painting so that the paint sticks to the walls of our homes is not in vain without purpose and functions of the principal and additional color characters. Some of these tips may help how to paint the right wall.

Choose Paint

The basic thing is to be prepared is to choose a paint that you want to consider a private character, the characteristics of the paint, model homes, and the quality of the paint.

  1. When it comes to buying paint, choose paint with quality standard or above. Cat does not have to be expensive, but you should not buy cheap, because the name of good quality paint is certainly expensive, you have nothing to lose, because the outcome will be better and durable.
  2. Adjust the color of paint to your character, or look for a color that matches the model of a house, which you can find on the internet or other sources. Preparation:
  3. After choosing the paint with the color and quality are good, the next is to prepare supporting materials such as plamuur and clean water.
  4. Then prepare tools for painting such as brush (size adjustable), rollers, paint containers, emery paper or rolls taste, plastic planner, planner of thin iron plate, stairs or workbench.
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How To Paint The Walls

  1. Painting new wall should use plamuur to cover plaster, use plamuur that has been so in the form of a powder (such as white cement) were white. The trick white cement mix was enough water to form a paste and apply on the entire surface evenly wall using plastic planner. After drying repeat once again to the surface of the closed and smooth plaster.
  2. Then puree with sandpaper on the part that has not been refined or still looks rough. If the wall has been covered with cement mix (made of gray cement), then the walls should be painted with wall sealer (primer) in advance. Sealer sealer serves as an adhesive between the paint with cement mix.
  3. Based on experience, the exterior paint does not need to be mixed with water so as not easily fade. While the paint in the room in the home (interior) can be mixed with water about 5 to 15 percent.
  4. Open the lid of the paint is slowly by prying with a screwdriver towards the play so that the lid is not easily damaged and will be closed again. Before poured into another container, the paint should be stirred in advance, so that all parts that settles soluble paint and color into flat.
  5. Enter into another container to taste, use a roller or brush as needed. Use the roller to paint a large wall surface, and in the corners or the corner of a wall using a brush of 3 inches or 2.5 inches.
  6. Painting should not be rushed and should slowly so the paint does not drip and lying underneath.
  7. When the old paint the walls (the walls had been painted earlier), make sure the wall is cleaned and sanded so that the surface becomes smooth wall, then painted.
  8. At the high walls, use a work table (bench) or you can tie on a long wooden rollers.
  9. If all parts of the walls have been painted only once and has been quite dry, repeat the painting twice to the wall surface is flat and covered in paint. If the paint is not dry, not to be repeated in advance to peel.
  10. The last step is a check on the part of the wall which needs to be repeated and the results are not perfect.
  11. Clean the floor of drops of paint and wash all the appliance if the paint job has been completed is one painting perfection.
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How to paint the walls right in the banks have described, may be useful.