Incorporating Structures into Landscape Design

There are many types of structures such as gazebos, pergolas, dog houses, play houses and sheds you can include in your landscape design. Some of these structures can serve multiple purposes. You want the structures to look like part of the design rather than just a building or structure you placed in the yard. You can get quite creative with ways to blend outdoor structures into your landscape design.

Providing a Backdrop

If you have an unattractive view that you want to hide, there are several ways to do that. A wooden fence is one option. Adding trees and shrubs to block the view is another option. Once you have hidden the view, you can use the attractive fence or row of trees as a backdrop for a pergola or gazebo. Screened gazebo ma has numerous sizes and styles of gazebos that can become an attractive, functional part of your landscape design. An enclosed gazebo is an ideal outdoor dining spot or the perfect relaxation retreat. To make the structure a blended part of the landscape, you can create a stone or rock pathway leading from the house to structure. Adding flowers around the structure makes it an attractive part of the landscape. A pergola with seats can become a relaxation location and provide support for attractive climbing vines that will enhance the beauty of your yard.

Small structures

A garden shed, kid’s play house or the dog’s house can all become a part of the landscape design. You can add flowers around a shed or playhouse to make them look attractive. A small picket or wrought iron fence could be used near these buildings as a decorative feature or to enclose a small garden. Outdoor lights can also be used to draw attention to these structures. A unique style dog house can be an attractive part of your landscape design.

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Gazebos and pergolas give you additional living space and an opportunity to showcase flowers. Sheds can provide storage and work space. Seasonal decorations make these structures a year-round landscape focal point.