Keep Our Temperature Living Spaces with HVAC

Thanks to the many technologies our ancestors and modern society alike have created, we have luxuries like being able to make our homes red-hot or ice-cold in just a matter of minutes. Can you guess what technology makes this possible?

If it weren’t for HVAC – heating, ventilation, and air conditioning – units, we wouldn’t be able to keep our living spaces exactly the temperature we want them. HVAC systems have a cornucopia of important parts, though arguably the most important of them is its air filter. Just like automobile engines have air filters on their air intake valves, HVAC units’ efficiency, performance, and longevity would quickly go down the drain without the magic of air filters.

Check out what can happen to HVAC units when you don’t change the inexpensive, low-hassle air filters often enough – let’s hope they don’t happen to you!

Dirty Air Filter? You Must Like Bad Allergies For Years At A Time

When air filters become saturated with dirt and dust, tiny particles make their way through them and will inevitably get spread all throughout your home’s ducts. Unless you hire a professional duct cleaner to move out all the dust bunnies and friends, it’s safe to say that excess dust will always exist in your home – or at least the HVAC system.

You Must Like Higher Utility Bills!

When HVAC systems are unnecessarily clogged with debris, they don’t perform as well. As such, to get the same out of a dirty HVAC system as you would a clean, in-shape central heating and cooling system, you’re forced to fork over more in energy costs.

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Your System Might Cycle Too Frequently

Also known as short-cycling, excess dust and junk throughout an HVAC unit can cause the regular heat and cool cycles to not last as long, meaning the temperature bounces up and down ad nauseam – not to mention even higher utility bills.

You can tell a lot about an HVAC unit by its air filter – the same goes for the HVAC air filter housing.