Keep Your Lawn Comfortable Throughout the Summer Months

Much of your time during the summer months is spent outdoors. You will want your lawn and garden area to be comfortable so that you, your friends, and family members can enjoy yourselves. In order to do this, you will need to come up with a solution for some of the biggest summertime problems. Use the following ideas to help you get started.


Nothing ruins your time outdoors like insects. The trick is to find safe and effective ways to keep these pests at bay without worrying about children and pets being nearby. Citronella candles work well for mosquitos, and bug lights can help with flies and months. Look for organic tick control to treat grassy areas that may be infested. This prevents the spread of many dangerous diseases as well.


The hot summer temperatures can make spending time outside unbearable. One of the best ways to keep cool is to stay in the shade. If your yard doesn’t have natural shade provided by large trees, create your own shade. Awnings and canopies are wonderful. They come in a variety of sizes in order to suit your individual needs. You can also add shades to porches. Leave them up on cooler days, and pull them down as the sun grows more intense.


The seating you need depends on how you plan to use your outdoor space. If you love to entertain, choose a large table and chairs set or arrange outdoor sofas and chairs under your shaded spaces. For those that live alone or have small families, a simple bistro table with seats will suffice. Don’t forget to incorporate a few lounge chairs or a hammock into your outdoor design too.

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Once you get the pests under control, have plenty of shade, and seating for all, you will be ready to enjoy your summer outdoors. The more comfortable the areas outside are, the more likely you, your family, and your friends are to spend time there.