Landscaping Your Front Yard

When buying a new home, it may take a while to adjust to feeling like it is truly your place. Landscaping the front yard is one way to make your new address an inviting and comfortable home. There are several things you can do to update it and finetune it to your style.

Plant trees

Work with an arborist to decide which trees will grow best in your soil and climate, in addition to finding trees that as they mature will provide shade without taking over. Plant evergreen foundation shrubbery to hug the house to break up the solid lines and provide some extra insulation.

Replace your walkway

Broken sidewalks are difficult to walk on. Use residential concrete in Charlotte, NC to build a smooth and welcoming path to your front door. Decide if you would prefer a straight path from the street or a slightly winding one for an artistic flair.

Plant flowers

Edge your sidewalk or surround your trees with seasonal flowers to add spots of color for passersby. Local wildflowers may be beneficial to pollinators in your community. Lining the flowerbeds, trees, and sidewalks with bricks may help keep the lawn looking tidier as you to trim work after mowing.

Install lighting

Line your sidewalk with solar lights and a porch light at your front door to brighten the yard as a nice touch for evening guests or coming home after dark. If you have a porch and would like to sit out in the evening, consider yellow lights or LEDs as a way to attract fewer insects.

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As you make changes to your home, both for the immediate gratification and the long-term plans, take the time to enjoy each step of the process. Finally, don’t be afraid to make further changes if you find your initial plans aren’t what you dreamed of!