Mistakes To Avoid When Installing a New Fence

Do you have plans to install a new fence? If so, hiring a professional fence company Columbus Ohio is one of the smartest things you can do. While this is true, getting to know some of the most common mistakes made with the installation process is also beneficial. Keep reading to learn what these mistakes are.

Purchasing Low-Quality Materials

Buying subpar products is a common mistake, especially if you have a large fence to install. While cheaper material may seem attractive on the shelf, the issue is that you get what you pay for.

For example, low-quality wood rots quickly, cheap iron will rust easily, and cheap vinyl breaks when under pressure. While the initial investment may be more, purchasing quality materials can pay off over time.

Not Treating the Wood Before Installing It

It’s smart to purchase pressure-treated wood for your fence. However, if you buy non-treated wood, and you don’t treat it before installation, a few issues may arise. For example, the wood can soak up the rain and other sources of moisture, which may cause it to rot.

When this happens, termites and other insects can make their homes in the wood. During the summer months, the sun may dry out the wood, causing it to splinter and crack. Make sure you always use pressure-treated wood, and don’t forget to apply sealant after it’s installed.

Not Securing the Fence Posts in the Ground

If you don’t secure your fence posts properly, problems may arise. Use concrete to secure your posts and ensure they are installed in holes that are deep enough.

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It’s also necessary to seal the joint around the post and use pea gravel for drainage. This helps keep moisture and ice out of the newly installed structure. Make sure not to skimp when securing your fence posts, or they may blow over during a storm.

Install a Long-Lasting, Durable Fence

If you want to install a fence that’s going to remain standing for years, make sure to use the tips here. Calling for help from professional fence companies is also a good idea, as they can ensure no mistakes are made during the installation process.