Prevent a Known Cause of House Fires

A Hidden Vulnerability

Every time you dry your clothes, you have a potential chance of setting your house on fire. It’s a scary thing to consider, but since most house fires result from clogged dryer vents than chimney fires, it’s a necessary cause for concern. Even though you may regularly clean out the lint collector, some of that lint and dust inevitably makes its way to the dryer vent. Because this vent isn’t necessarily the easiest thing to detach and clean, many homeowners don’t pay it any mind, instead just relying on the lint remover.

However, over time, the dust and lint can build up in the dryer vent. This is especially common in vents that are bent where dust and lint can collect in these little nooks. Due to its access outside, animals can sometimes access these dryer vents. They make nests within them, and when even more lint and dust is added to the mix, you have yourself a fire hazard. It can be difficult to realize the origin of the fire, too, so battling against it can be made difficult, allowing the fire to grow to uncontrollable measures.

The Solution

To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, there’s a simple solution. Dryer vent cleaning Fairfax County VA possesses High’s Chimney Service. Don’t let their name fool you. They do more than just chimney services. Although their understanding of potential fire hazards certainly does help them perform their other services like cleaning dryer vents. They understand how dangerous a clogged dryer vent can be. As such, they use their extraordinary amount of experience and expertise as well as tools to ensure that your vent is thoroughly cleaned.

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They even disconnect the dryer and clean behind the dryer to ensure that the fire hazard is entirely removed. Finally, before they’re done, they make sure your dryer is working at optimal levels. So, to keep your house and family safe, have their team clean your dryer vents.