Saving Tips on Honeymoon

Every time when we heard about “honeymoon”, we will automatically think about the expensive budget that we have to provide. Unconsciously we will apply multiple trip travel to some romantic place, then when we realize that we do not have the budget as much as the travel expense, we would bother to alleviate some of the honeymoon trip that we were already reserved. Here are some tips for you who will be doing honeymoon trip without spending a lot.

  1. Use your points
    When you are planning a wedding and you have to pay all the bills for the wedding, some of us will choose to pay the bill by credit card, and some credit card service currently uses a point system, so use your credit card within a few months will be monitored, and you will earn points that you can use to: hotel vouchers, voucher restaurants, travel vouchers, even if you always use low when you are traveling, you check points better than your flight, because maybe you will get a free trip using an airline. Who knows? You can find another tips to save your budget by click thisĀ then you will figure out some tips to save you money on various occasions.
  2. Find the hotels and travel from distant days
    If you plan your honeymoon to a certain place, then you have to search for hotels and travel at least 6 months before your wedding. Why so? Because the longer period, the more cheap cost you will get.
  3. Take advantage of the low season for honeymoon
    There are times when the right to honeymoon that during low season, for low season is a state where people rarely traveling on vacation. Another case with during high season, when the long holiday, usually in the summer vacation, winter vacation or weekend getaway, the vacation spots, restaurants, and also hotels will be filled by visitors. So it would be better if you are booking a hotel, travel trips, and restaurant for your honeymoon from now, and Find the the low season period.
  4. Go to where your money exchange rate higher
    For example, suppose you are from the USA, at least go to a destination where your money has more value, like Iceland, Mexico or the Czech Republic.
  5. Use mass transportation
    Traveling by car is fine, but you will feel tired because you have to drive your self, so it’s better if you use mass transportation such as buses, trains, or public transportation. You will learn more about the original inhabitants of the city, and also you will enjoy the scenery without having a headache direction.
  6. Find the a hotel room that does not provide a view
    If you are looking for a hotel of applications in the smart phone, then you will see some hotel rooms provide a beautiful view out the room like beach, pool, or mountain. Then it is better if you choose a room in the middle that does not provide a view, as it is cheaper compared to the room with a beautiful view.
  7. Mention that you are newlyweds
    This way is comparatively quite effective if you practice at hotel receptionist and teller at the airline, usually you will be given a discount, and rarely even rooms where you stay will be upgraded by the hotel receptionist.


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