Signs That a Roof is Weak

A weak roof must be repaired quickly before major structural damage occurs. If you understand the most common signs, the process of getting maintenance or repair services on time won’t be a hassle.

Missing Shingles

Loose shingles usually drop on the ground. If weak shingles drift off a roof during a severe rainstorm, you’ll find them in different spots on your lawn. Whenever you find several broken shingles, perform an inspection by climbing up a ladder against the roof where the shingles landed. This strategy will help you determine the scope of the damage.

Deformed Shingles

Following major weather events, some shingles will develop severe cosmetic issues. Some shingles will blister or curl, and others will dry out or crack. When these problems are discovered during an inspection, you’ll need to take proper steps to replace the defected shingles.


Sagging happens after many frequent rainstorms. The degree of a sagging problem varies depending on the roofing material. Typically, wooden materials have a higher risk because moisture can weaken the grains. You must fix your roof quickly whenever it sags before water seeps into various nooks and crannies around key foundation elements.

Dark Spots

Usually, dark spots are caused by mold, and these spots occur when sagging problems aren’t resolved quickly. A mold treatment should never be delayed because the spores can affect air quality if they access a home.

In some cases, dark spots could generate after intense UV rays heat up vulnerable areas on a roof. UV flaws don’t have to be corrected quickly as they only cause cosmetic problems.

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Granules Problems

Granules are pieces of a roof, and they can fly in various locations on a property. Typically, stray pieces will land inside a gutter, so you should always inspect the water channels during maintenance jobs.

When you notice any of these signs, you’ll need to perform maintenance or repairs. If you need help, schedule an appointment with a reputable roof repair Edgewater FL technician.