Small Improvements in Decor Can Have Big Results

Home renovations usually involve big-picture changes, such as painting entire rooms or replacing all of the fixtures in the bathroom. If you don’t have the time or budget for a large-scale renovation, consider redoing one of these forgotten tasks.


Closets are easy to forget about because they usually have doors to keep guests from seeing the mess inside them. Don’t let yourself throw in all your clothes and shut the door. To motivate yourself to keep your clothes as fresh as if they just came off the dry cleaning conveyor, spend some time rethinking your closet. Go through your clothes and shoes and donate the ones that you no longer wear. Make your closet more exciting by painting it the same color as its room’s trim. Purchase or design a fun organization system that keeps your clothes in order but still looks nice.


Pillows can quickly blend into the landscape of the bed or couch they are stacked on. Although they may be comfortable, they become ragged after a few years. Even if they still match your wall colors and furniture, try updating the look of a room by finding pillows with new designs or colors. You can choose basic solid-colored ones or you can be more adventurous.


You probably have photographs all throughout your house. They might be attached to your refrigerator with magnets or they could be in frames on the walls and pieces of furniture. It’s easy to let photographs grow outdated. At least every two years, sort through all the photographs you have on display. Pick two or three favorites and put the others somewhere safe so that you can feature your favorite recent memories. Another way to give your room a new feel is to update your picture frames, either by painting them or buying new ones.

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Spend some time on one of these simple updates to your home. You’ll be surprised at the difference it makes in freshening up your living space.