So You’re Renovating an Old Home

There’s a lot to love about buying an older home. There’s something really special about taking an old house and making it into your home. So what if it’s a bit of a fixer upper? That just means you’ve got a chance to make it yours, from the roofline to the basement. Here are a couple of new things, and one old thing, to consider when you’re renovating an older home.

New Spaces

Whether it’s a new bathroom or a new kitchen or custom closets in Pittsburgh or your area, you might want to consider adding some new spaces to your old home. After all, they didn’t need a specialized room for the television and computer a hundred years ago, and they certainly weren’t thinking about where to put the microwave and the dishwasher. Think about the spaces you might need to add or enhance in order to give your old house new life.

New Look

Many old houses are an accumulation of different styles across different owners, but when renovating, you’ve got a chance to come up with something new. The colors you paint with, the fabrics you use for curtains, the carpets and flooring you lay can all work together to create something cohesive instead of the patchwork series of styles that may have accumulated over the years.

Old Charm

All that said, what’s the point of having an old house if you don’t celebrate that history? Remember, every time you add something new to your old home, that you are becoming part of history yourself. How would you like the next tenants to treat your legacy? Keep that in mind when you are looking at the inheritance that comes with an old home. Those floors might have seen the footsteps of multiple generations, and now you are becoming a part of that history.

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