Start Your Online Home Shopping

While shopping for a new home can be an exciting adventure, there are subtle nuances to open houses in Naperville. Finding the right one is a combination of head and heart. You want to buy the house you love, but you also want to be smart about this very important purchase. Being a homeowner has many perks, but requires prep work and close attention to detail.

Here’s a checklist to help you make the most out of your experience visiting multiple house before finding “The One.”

Start Your Tour Online

Since you can buy practically everything online, including houses, starting your research online is a good idea. Doing so saves you time and gas driving to houses that do not fit your desires.

You can search for specific dates and timeframes to map out your route for the day. Some home buying websites have mobile apps with alerts for open house events.

Politely Share Few Personal Details

Never give the hosting agent the old shoulder. Even if the agent seems pushy or asks more questions than you are ready to answer, be kind. Revealing too much too soon may put you at a disadvantage during negotiations if you decide to make an offer. Details about your situation or the top price you are willing to pay are best kept until you get to that point in the process.

Pay Close Attention to Exterior Conditions

It is easy to enter a house and immediately fall in love with the spiral staircase or brick pattern of the fireplace. These are wonderful features, but paying close attention to the exterior is just as important. Look at the condition of the roof. Does it look like the shingles will need replacing in the next few years? Check out the gutters and whether the paint looks fresh or dirty.

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Take Pictures

As you walk around the house, take pictures and notes. This is essential if you plan on viewing multiple houses on the same day. After two or three, they all may start to blend together. Also, get any information sheets or brochures that are available. This will help to jar your memory later when it’s time to choose your favorite.

You might find the perfect house after the second stop. The good thing is you can stop looking. The not so good thing is to lose leverage as the buyer. Do your best to keep your emotions under wraps to get the most out of buying.