The Basis Of Home Foundation Inspection Costs

No matter which way you slice it and dice it, the last thing you want to hear from a home inspector is that you have a crack or damage to your foundation and you have no choice but to get it fixed as quickly as possible. It is absolutely imperative that you get your foundation repaired as quickly as you can as the foundation of the home is the cornerstone of it. It is the one thing that makes a structure strong and stable. Inspectors have a duty to be vigilant and point out any issues with the foundations such as cracking walls or the foundation settling so the homeowner can get it fixed and the house can be secure again.

In theory, having an inspector come out to your home and find a problem with a foundation that needs to be fixed is a good thing. It means your home is going to be more secure and stable for decades to come. However, the reality is that foundation inspection cost is not cheap and it can really cause some financial strains for a homeowner. The problems ca start out small enough and not cost too much pain to the wallet, but if they are not caught and corrected quickly, the costs are going to stack up and it will happen very quickly. The repair costs for minor issues are pretty affordable, but the worse they are the more expensive foundation inspection costs are going to be. It is recommended to contact and have at least three companies come out and look at the damage before picking one so that you can go with the company who is able to give you the best price without compromising on their work.

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Cost of repairs on cracks

If an inspector finds some minor cracks in your foundation, the cost is going to be fairly affordable. It is going to be about $250 if they are minor, but if they are left and get worse the cost to repair them is going to get up too close to $800 or more. Cracks are fairly easy to repair and as long as they are small they won’t cause any issues to the actual structure.

If the cracks are an inch or more wide, they are considered major, and that is when they can begin causing structural damage and need to be repaired ASAP.

Cost of repairing a foundation that is settling

If you are told that your foundation is beginning to settle, it is important to go ahead and wrap your head around the fact that these repairs are going to cost a little bit more. A sinking foundation that is just starting to sink will probably cost about $500 to repair, while if it is worse or has been left for some time the cost can run up to $3,000 if not even more! The reason that settling a foundation is so much more expensive to fix is that you have to completely level it back out, identify and repair any leaks, and raise it back up to its original height. There is a lot of digging that has to be done and piers that have to be put up so as to get the house balanced the right way. If your structure is being lifted, you want to make sure you invest in it and get it done the right way so your house is safe and you won’t have even more issues in the future.

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Cost of foundation leaks

If there is a foundational leak that has happened as a result of the foundation settling, the cost is going to be at about $2,000-$6,000 as they will have to find and repair the cause of the leaks and waterproof the foundation so you don’t have to go through it again.