Three Options for Upgrading Your Roof

A roof replacement may not be the most glamorous home improvement, but often it is the most necessary. Your current roof might have damage from recent storms or old age, requiring repair. Energy savings or eco-friendly renovation might be your main objectives. Maybe you want to increase the value of your home ahead of listing it for sale. Here are three tips for making upgrades.

Energy Efficient Materials

In the past, you had to go with white or light-colored shingles for a cooler roof. This look wasn’t always visually pleasing in the long run, due to accumulation of dirt and debris. Today reflective shingles are available in assorted colors and textures to please any design tastes. Granules on the surface reflect radiation from the sun, allowing for dissipation of heat. This environmentally-friendly option may reduce your energy bills by as much as 15%. Consult a contractor of residential roofing St Louis County MO to explore all your roofing alternatives.

Sealed Chimney Cap

An airtight chimney cap saves energy by preventing warm air from escaping during cold weather. This provides an advantage over a traditional damper by forming a tight seal that is resistant to breaking down.  A 90 percent reduction in heat loss is possible with such chimney caps. They also keep out moisture, debris and animals.

Ridge Vents

Because hot air naturally rises, a poorly ventilated attic can feel like an oven during the summer. This heat accumulation also transfers to the rooms directly below, making your home uncomfortably warm. Installing ridge vents across the top of your roof facilitates air movement between the shingles. Soffit vents draw cooler air inside, as the hot air is discharged. Cooler rooms mean less electricity spent on air conditioning.

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Roof maintenance is an important part of responsible home ownership. You also help maintain and raise its value. Older houses will often require serious upgrades. Consider these smart improvements that not only help make your residence comfier, but can save you money long term as well.