Three Times To Leave Your Home Remodel

There is nothing like the excitement at the start of a home remodel; you can picture the new color scheme, the gorgeous floors, the fresh paint. However, that excitement is often forgotten with the first swing of the hammer, eclipsed by the clouds of dust and debris that are necessary aspects of the renovation. You don’t need to abandon the project, but there are three junctures in the process when you may need to temporarily vacate the house.

When It’s Unsafe

Don’t live in the house during the worst phases such as when work on the roof or exterior walls leave you exposed to the elements, or when hazardous materials such as asbestos or mold are being removed. Other unsafe conditions include major demolition, periods of extreme noise,  electrical and plumbing overhauls and replacement of load-bearing structures. Small children and pets need to be kept away from construction clutter and debris at all times.

When You Need a Break

Decision overload and the stress of managing multiple work crews can take a toll on your mental health, especially if you are juggling home projects with a full-time job. A week away from the dust and headaches will do you a world of good. Let the leisure beach lifestyle of north carolina oceanfront rentals soothe you into a calmer state of mind. When you return home you will be refreshed and ready to face any obstacle.

When You Need Perspective

If you find yourself constantly yelling at those around you or bursting into tears when the wrong kitchen faucet is delivered, you need more than a break. You need perspective, time to talk about things other than fabric swatches and wood samples. Acknowledge the people and things that really matter to you. Tune up that old guitar, get together with friends, reach out to family you haven’t called in months. Better yet, volunteer an evening or two at a local soup kitchen or animal shelter. Being around the homeless will remind you that home improvement problems are, in the larger scheme of things, pretty good problems to have.

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