Tourism In Bandung

Tourism in Bandung presents a lot of the beauty and variety of natural scenery that really captivate. Do you ever see firsthand how the natural conditions in the city of Bandung? Or you currently curious about the attractions in the city of Bandung? Visit novotel hotel in bandung java

Quiet, I’m here I will try to provide insights about what a great place to visit when you vacation in Bandung. I’ll try to explain in detail and carefully to your needs, ranging from souvenirs, tourist, cultural, culinary typical, and the history of Bandung.
Introduction of City Tourism

Bandung is one of the provincial capital in Java, West Java precisely. Being one of the capital, making the duo into the limelight. Bandung also known as the most desirable vacation spot throughout Indonesia. Therefore, you will find many tourist attractions in Bandung cool and pleasant.

Visiting Bandung Reasons To Vacation?

Of course you wonder why Bandung deserves to be one of the holiday in the land of Java. The answer is very easy, because Bandung has many attractions that can be visited and certainly because of a history that is quite thick with Sunda tribe is famous for its culture. Here is the reason why we need to come to Bandung to enjoy the holidays;

  1. Has Many Attractions: Natural Resources
    Beautiful nature makes a city can be used as tourist attractions. Already evident, if the nature of Bandung has a lot of criteria that could be used as a fun vacation for families, friends, friends and lovers.
    Bandung is famous for having the weather was quite cold. This is because the duo is located at an altitude of 778 meters on the sea surface. So that makes the traveler feel at home to stay and settle in Bandung. Here is a list of existing attractions in Bandung;

    • Ciater
      • Is one of the hot spring is located in Bandung. To enter and be able to feel the sensation of hot water Ciater, you only need to pay 50,000 IDR – 100,000 IDR / location and price can change at any time.
    • Tangkuban Perahu
      • Sulfur is a mountain in Bandung and become the most popular tourist attractions because it has a natural beauty that is incredible cool. We can enjoy it with a distance of less than 20km from the city of Bandung.
    • Kawah Putih Ciwidey
      • Is one of the attractions to be a place for lovers selfie photo. Expanse of white crater into the background image is very charming and very nice course.
    • Curug Dago | Waterfalls Dago
      • Waterfall which has a height of about 12 meters is very enchanting the traveler who visit Bandung. Therefore, dago waterfall in searching and made a good photograph.
    • Lake Situ Patenggang
      • Bandung is located in the south and the location is very beautiful to make the landscape very captivate and make the tourists happy, especially if for courtship.
    • Tebing Keraton Bandung
    • Bandung Zoo
    • Strawberry Gardens Ciwidey
  2. Culinary Tourism in the city of Bandung is so Delicious
    As a tourist city, it feels incomplete if it does not have the typical culinary. Therefore, as a tourist Bandung cool, it also has a lot of unique culinary variety for us to enjoy both serve as a souvenir or directly on-site dining. Well, here is a list of recommendations culinary tourism in Bandung that you have to try;

    • batagor
      The food is typical of the duo who made his name widely spread throughout Indonesia. Currently, batagor not only in Bandung, but also in other major cities, such as Yogya and Jakarta. But still, batagor bandung most delicious and tasty.
    • Mie Kocok
      The name may be a bit strange, but it seems not be asked again deh .. Really delicious and you’ll be hooked if you’ve tried it.
    • cireng
      Similarly batagor, cireng the original food of the duo that has been circulating in various cities throughout Indonesia.
    • Peuyeum
      Name of the complex makes peuyeum become one of the favorite food when visiting Bandung. You have to try in order to know it tastes good.
    • Karedok
    • Misro
    • cendol Bandung
    • Satan chips
    • surabi
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