Types Of Concrete Foundations

Many people think that all concrete slab foundation on homes or buildings are the same. There are many different types of foundation. These are some different types of concrete slab foundations that can be used for a building.

Flooring Slab Foundation

This foundation is a continuous grade of concrete that is used under buildings. It has additional reinforcement that goes along the bottom of the foundation. In some cases, the reinforcement can also be put under steel columns that go down the foundation. This is a great choice for industrial buildings.

Footing and Grade Beam Foundation

This foundation does not have concrete underneath them. Footing and grade beam foundations are used and they are placed in rectangular and square footings. There is a grade beam going through each of these footings. The beams are responsible for supporting the weight of the building.

Drilled Pier Foundation

This is another type of industrial foundation. There are vertical beams placed in specific places. There are holes drilled into the ground that will help create the piers. For this foundation to work the ground has to be solid and the soil needs to be strong to support the weight.

T Shaped Foundation

This is one of the most common types of foundations that are used in home construction. They are placed under the structure and they are placed in areas where the ground is known to freeze up during the winter months. The footing that is used in this foundation resembles the shape of the letter T. This footing is built below the frost line and the floors are put above it. The slab is then laid between these walls. This will allow the home to be secure and will give support to the structure. It can be expensive and will take three different pours to have the job completed. This will provide the support the building needs as long as a person can take the time to make sure all of the pores are done correctly.

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Slab on Grade Foundation

This foundation uses one layer of concrete but the concrete is several inches thick. The slab has thicker edges and there are reinforced rods that are placed around the edges. This slab is often placed over crushed gravel to allow proper drainage. There is a wire mesh that is installed in the concrete to help reduce the chance of cracks forming. This slab is put on a part of the ground that does not freeze. If a person lives in a cold climate the slab can be insulated so that it will not freeze even when the frost is heavy.

Frost Protected

This method will need a structure that is heated to be affected. Some things are required to make this foundation successful. There needs to be a sheet of polystyrene insulation. This needs to be placed on the outer parts of the foundation walls and another part needs to be placed on the gravel base. The insulation will hold in heat and will prevent heat from escaping along the edges of the slab. The insulation will help keep the foundation above freezing which will make sure security for the home.

These are some common types of concrete foundations that are used. The foundation is used to provide support to the home of the industrial building. It is important to speak to the builder to determine which type of foundation is best for the building and suits the climate the best.