Warehouse Applications

Is your business in need of high-quality and well-built vertical conveyors, warehouse automation equipment, material handling equipment, a pallet hoist, mezzanines, turnkey buildings, and more at competitive prices?

Choose a company that custom-builds equipment for material handling consultants and distributors, large manufacturing facilities, system integrators, and end-users across the world.

Vertical Conveyors

A carefully selected and dedicated distributor/OEM network is there to present the concept that you need and want, do the custom designing, and maintain any size automated material handling system. The installation is easy because the conveyor is shipped assembled.

Created is all types, sizes, load capacities, and configurations, and of for a variety of applications. You are able to lift pallets, carts, and other heavy items weighing as much as thousands of pounds from the floor to a mezzanine level with a pallet “elevator.” You can also transport heavy material from one area to another with a pallet handling or case handling vertical material lift and do so up to 300 feet per minute. You can move top-heavy or odd-size products that cannot transport on an incline conveyor. The lifts are primarily used for heavy-duty continuous operation.

Vertical conveyors allow for using a facility’s overhead space for movement of materials and use floor space for value-added operations that are associated with packaging, production, storage. They give more aisle space for forklift traffic and personnel, increase the output of the automated retrieval and storage system, can deliver the finished products overhead to the Packaging and Shipping Department, and allow expansion without having to increase the building’s size.

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Custom designed prefabricated structural steel mezzanines provide inexpensive vertical space and are fully integrated into the facility ‘s system and make maximum use of the facility’s overhead space for processing, storage, and materials movement. Total savings up to 40 percent can be realized while achieving high output and floor loadings up to 250 pounds per square foot. Custom finishes and colors are available to suit customer preferences.

Vertical Conveyers LLC is a Vertical Conveyor Manufacturing Company that generates standard quotes within 24 hours. End-user quote requests are forwarded to your nearest distributor to give you local support.