When Should I Replace My Attic Insulation?

The insulation in the attic is not something most people think about on a regular basis. Good attic insulation helps keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Below are a few reasons to consider removing and replacing your insulation.

Insulation is Water Damaged from Roof Leaks

Water entering your attic through roofing leaks can completely soak your insulation and render it useless in the areas of damage. Any weaknesses in your insulation abilities will hinder the ability to keep your home warm or cool, depending on temperature needs. Any water damaged insulation needs to be removed and replaced.

Insulation Has Mold Infestation

Mold can enter through attic vents and settle on your insulation. Rolled insulation is a common area for mold growth. Small amounts of moisture from air humidity can produce the right environment to help encourage mold growth. The darker, less disturbed area also contributes to the problem. Remove any mold coated insulation to keep it from spreading in your home.

Insulation is Torn Up from Wildlife Intrusion

Squirrels love to get inside attics. All of your insulation can be torn to shreds if you have enough wildlife visitors over time. Replace the torn insulation and find the areas they are accessing your attic. Get them repaired and avoid a repeat.

Insulation is Sub-Standard

Inadequate insulation is of poor quality or doesn’t have the R factor you need to protect against the heat of the Florida sun. Blown-in insulation can offer you a way to get all of the protection your home needs without many of these hassles. It can be installed by the roofing contractors Melbourne FL homeowners trust for quality products and services.

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Monitor the condition of your attic insulation and be ready to replace it when needed. The quick installation of blown-in insulation can replace any damaged or ineffective product you have currently.