Winterizing Important Heating Fixtures in Your Home

You rely on your home’s heating fixtures to keep your house cozy and warm all winter. When they become compromised, they may not heat the house as expected. They may not even work properly at all.

Rather than go cold all winter long, you can take steps now to winterize these critical fixtures in the house. By changing filters in the vents, lining your chimney, and cleaning your wood burning stove Fairfax County VA homeowners like you can be ready for any kind of winter weather in the area.

The Importance of Cleaning Your Stove

You may wonder why you should bother cleaning out your wood burning stove. After all, can you not just shovel out the ashes and continue to use it as normal?

Shoveling out the ashes is an important step in keeping it ready to use. However, it is not the only safeguard you need to take to maintain its operation.

The company can come to your house and perform a thorough inspection of the stove to find out if the pipes, vent, and other fixtures are compromised. These areas can be cleaned out, which can be critical for preventing dangerous gas leaks into your home. Proper cleaning also keeps the risk of fires low.

Chimney Services

Along with keeping your wood burning stove in good condition, you also may want to take the time to take care of your chimney. The chimney can get clogged up with ash, dirt, and debris throughout the winter. Birds and squirrels can also get inside and make nests, which can block the chimney and flue.

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The company can come to your home to inspect the chimney, remove debris and clogs, and line it with a new liner. These measures also prevent gas leaks and fires. They ensure that your chimney will be safe to use all winter long.

Your stove and chimney are important heating fixtures in the wintertime. You cannot afford for them to become clogged or damaged. You can keep them ready to use by having them cleaned and serviced every season.