Your Home Needs Protection From a Quality Roof

No matter what the elements are around you, you can have peace of mind knowing that your household and belongings are safe. That is, if you have a good roof above your head. One of the most important jobs of a roof is to keep out any type of water. Even the littlest bit of moisture can cause extensive damage to your wood frame, drywall, and other components because of the potential for mold and mildew.

Types of Roofs

Upon closer look as you drive through your neighborhood, you’ll notice that each home may have a slightly different roof. They can come in different colors, designs, and materials, and any professional company can go over your options with you.

Asphalt shingles are practical and come in various shades. The basic version is the 3-tab shingle, which is uniform and rectangular. Providing a bit more texture is the dimension shingle. They’re made of at least two layers of shingles and are shaped more like a trapezoid. They can be alternated as they’re laid to create more visual interest. On the higher end are luxury shingles. They can be made to look like slate or cedar shake roofs with their texture and multi-dimensional nature.

Have Confidence in Your Contractor

As you’re shopping around for a roofing contractor in Bowie, MD, look for a team that’s licensed, experienced, and insured. This way you’re protected in case any issues arise. One contractor in the area is Ace Home Improvements. Like other reputable companies, they offer free no-hassle estimates, guarantee their work, and conduct themselves professionally.

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If you’re planning a new build, it’s best to line up your roofing contractor early since you want that job to be complete so you can quickly move on to your next phase. Many roofing contractors are also available on short notice if emergencies arise related to damage caused by storms or falling branches.

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